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Is your company struggling to achieve profitable growth?

  • Not Enough Leads or Deals
  • Lack of Progress & Predictability
  • Giving Away Margin
  • Sales Cost Too High
  • One Customer Too Big
  • Sales Team is Weak

You deserve more than sales insights
You need the leadership to deliver results

When it comes to sales strategy and processes, Karl is a great resource to have on your team. At Theatro, he helped us define our value proposition and led us in the creation of our unique Sales Playbook. I have worked with him on specific projects and customer pursuits and always found his perspective very helpful. I would recommend Karl without reservation.

If your sales are stuck and you are looking to diversify, I would suggest speaking with Karl to get an experienced sales leader's perspective.

Headshot Christopher Tredway

Christopher Tredway

Sales Director Theatro

I would recommend Karl to any small & medium size business. Karl was not just a consultant. He was active & hands-on in our business. We focused on sales strategy to diversify our customer base. Karl helped us transform the business. He was always a pleasure to work with.

Headshot Kevin Barker

Kevin Barker

Karl helped us with one of our portfolio companies. The company was run by a second-generation owner, and we wanted to open a new market with new buyer personae. His hands-on approach as the part-time sales leader enabled us to diversify quickly, plus he helped transform the sales operations toolset to provide better data to the sales team, business owner, and us as investors. I would recommend Karl to any B2B business.

Headshot Jordan Bastable

Jordan Bastable

We were lucky to have Karl step in to design and implement a predictable and accountable sales process. We were transitioning from an individual-based sales approach to a proven, repeatable process. He was able to work within the company culture, budget, and evolving leadership to implement the best sales process for us. I would recommend him to any mid-sized business owner or sales leader who wants to achieve breakthrough growth.

Headshot Coleman McDonald

Coleman McDonald

President/CEO Work Wear Safety

Let’s Get Started

It all starts with a no-pressure discussion over coffee about you and your business objectives.
(We can meet virtually if you prefer.)

1. Discuss Your Business

Let us plan a meeting over coffee to discuss your business needs and goals and past sales challenges.

2. Assessment

If requested, a sales assessment will be performed to determine what is working and what is hindering your business from achieving ideal growth.

3. Sales Playbook

No trip is successful without a map.  Therefore, a Sales Playbook will be created to guide implementing a proven and repeatable sales process

4. Breakthrough Growth

With a results-oriented “Sales Field General” the sales team will be led, coached, and held accountable for delivering sustainable and profitable growth.

Don’t settle for sales consultation.
Benefit from an experienced Sales Field General.

Not only will we efficiently diagnose issues and advise on solutions, but we will also deliver sales results by implementing a proven, repeatable process, instilling accountability, coaching your salespeople, and refining your go-to-market strategy. We bring great ideas and implement them live, in the field!