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Helping businesses overachieve their sales goals is our passion. To make this happen, we know we need to deliver the truth about your sales model, even if that means looking you in the eye and plainly telling you that what you’re doing is hindering your sales efforts. We take success personally. We perform like our own livelihood depends on your sales success and we want to see you succeed.

After 20-year careers in sales executive roles, we decided to pursue our true passion and founded Fractal Sales Solutions. Our mission is to help companies transform their sales teams and processes to achieve all-time sales records. It’s what gets us up in the morning; learn more about our team and mission below.

Karl Berger

Doylestown, PA

Karl Berger has helped business owners improve growth and profitability since 2016. He excels in working with business owners who are currently running sales and shouldn’t be.

He is a hands-on problem solver who has delivered results for regional, national, and international customers. His passion is coaching and developing people and organizations to achieve their potential.

As a leader, communicator, and collaborator, Karl is a proven executive, skilled in building and leading organizations to achieve superior sales results.

Karl started Fractal Sales Solutions in 2016 to help small and medium enterprises create wealth by breaking out of their current revenue profile. In some cases, this was a matter of focusing on people and process, in others it included new market planning and implementation, and in others, it was a matter of coaching the leadership and sales team to effectively generate leads and close business. Over the past five years, Karl has helped dozens of companies in markets including SaaS, transportation, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and technology.

Previously Karl was the President of Circuitronics, a Private Equity led manufacturing and design company, with about 135 employees. After two add-on acquisitions, Karl led the successful sale and exited to start Fractal Sales.

Karl has a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Lehigh and a BS in Quantitative Business Analysis from The Pennsylvania State University.

He lives with his bride Lori, playing some golf and enjoying all that Bucks County has to offer in food, wine, and entertainment.