How We Help

Sales Leadership, Sales Execution, and Sales Development are the cornerstones of what we do. Successful companies have processes that help them reach new goals in revenue, conversion, talent acquisition, and talent development. Fractal Sales helps you take your sales performance to the next level.

We are consultants by choice after walking away from 20+ years of experience in sales executive roles in numerous industries. We’ll be your trusted guide through whatever solution, or combination of solutions, your company needs.

Design and Implement a Sales Mindset with a clear Sales Playbook built upon the Path to Guaranteed Growth:

Sales Guiding Principles

Define the optimal customer, deal, and objectives to achieve your business goals

Lead Generation

Improve the quality and cost of new leads and establish the source for future growth

Your Sales Process

No sales process is perfect, but there is a perfect one for you


Leverage tools and technology to improve sales efficiency and increase deal flow


Focus on BOTH improving the current sales team and recruiting the right sales team

Our Approach

We start by asking the right questions and develop an assessment against the best-performing sales teams. We want to uncover your organization’s pain points so we can better analyze your current state, sales capability, and effectiveness to then roll up our sleeves and get to work to help you reach your unique business objectives.

We’ll lean in and engage with you through one, two, or even a combination of various programs and an additional set of tools to ensure your organization is on the Path to Guaranteed Growth.

Learn more about our 20+ years of experience and why we can help achieve next-level growth!

The Fractal Sales Playbook

Our Sales Playbook is a proven framework to develop the optimal sales organization for your business.

Sales Strategy

Identify your ideal customers.

Create your Unique Value Proposition.

Create your sales messaging

Define target markets, geographies, and buyer personas.

Define your lead generation strategy.

Sales Organization

Coach and lead the team to deliver growth.

Define roles, responsibilities, and compensation plans.

Assist in the recruiting and hiring process.

Ongoing training and development.

Sales and Sales Leader skill Development.

Sales Process

Define & execute lead generation process.

Consistent buyer journey.

Increase deal velocity.

Improve close rate.

Customer Success focus on growth and retention.

Sales Execution

Multi-year revenue projections and forecasting methodologies.

Resource planning.

CRM customization and leverage.

KPI and activity metrics/dashboards.

Sales meeting optimization.